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Five Story-Splitting Mistakes and How to Stop Making Them

Last time on the blog I told you about the limited return of the FREE Better User Stories mini-course. It’s a short series of video lessons tackling some tough issues agile teams have when writing user stories. If you missed the first video, you can still watch it here. The second video released today. It […]

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The FREE Better User Stories Mini-Course Returns Today

In March I released some free videos in advance of the initial launch of Better User Stories, an in-depth video course that will help you master the nuances and complexities of user stories. Registration to the full course will open soon, so we’re making these video lessons available once again. The mini-course tackles some of […]

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New Book Almost Ready

09/14/2017 After some delays, I’m happy to announce my new book is in the final stages of physical proofs and uploads. Should be available for sale within the next week or two. In the meantime, you can read a sample and sign up for the mailing list (low volume, no spam) over at conglommora.com. Enjoy! […]

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Domain Models – Late Evaluation buys you better Composition

In the last post we talked about early abstractions that allow you to design generic interfaces which can be polymorphic in the type parameter. Unless you abuse the type system of a permissive language like Scala, if you adhere to the principles of parametricity, this approach helps you implement abstractions that are reusable under various […]

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Domain models, Algebraic laws and Unit tests

In a domain model, when you have a domain element that forms an algebraic abstraction honoring certain laws, you can get rid of many of your explicitly written unit tests just by checking the laws. Of course you have to squint hard and discover the lawful abstraction that hides behind your concrete domain element. Consider […]

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Agile and Dev Ops Links

Over time I have found a number of useful articles and videos on Agile Practices that I have included in this blog post.  I have also included some articles I have written that are posted on the Scrum Alliance site.  I hope you find them useful. From the Web Product Ownership in a Nutshell – […]

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