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Comment on Acceptance Criteria by Tim Zack

Did We Build the Right Product? And, Did We Build the Product Right? Acceptance criteria are an important.  Unfortunately, we often overlook or undervalue it as an aspect of the iterative planning process. It is super important because projects succeed or fail based on the ability of the team to meet their customers documented and perceived […]

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Domain models, Algebraic laws and Unit tests

In a domain model, when you have a domain element that forms an algebraic abstraction honoring certain laws, you can get rid of many of your explicitly written unit tests just by checking the laws. Of course you have to squint hard and discover the lawful abstraction that hides behind your concrete domain element. Consider […]

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Four Things to Do Before the Scrum Master Goes on Vacation

Ahhh, summer. Warm weather. Beaches. Barbecues. And vacations. Vacations are great, but what happens when a team’s Scrum Master goes on vacation? Should someone fill in? Should the team refactor code and fix bugs rather than try to work in a sprint while the Scrum Master is away? To a large extent, answers depend on […]

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Agile and Dev Ops Links

Over time I have found a number of useful articles and videos on Agile Practices that I have included in this blog post.  I have also included some articles I have written that are posted on the Scrum Alliance site.  I hope you find them useful. From the Web Product Ownership in a Nutshell – […]

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Geek Reading July 17, 2016 #1150

This is a special Sunday edition of Geek Reading for one simple reason. I am taking a break from posting Geek Reading for a while. Life and work are always very busy and I am hoping to get back to writing again. Maybe in the near future I will post an original article or opinion, […]

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Geek Reading July 15, 2016 #1149

Yesterday was buy a company day! First, Atlassian announced their acquisition of StatusPage. This is yet another step in the DevOps and monitoring direction for Atlassian. Amazon acquired Cloud9, which gives them a development environment in the cloud. Basically, Amazon does not want to give you a reason to not use their services. In the […]

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