Better User Stories: 24 Hours Until Doors Close

Just a quick post this week to let you know that we will be closing registration to Better User Stories tomorrow at 9 P.M. Pacific, midnight Eastern.

We still have spaces for the Expert and Professional Levels, but Work With Mike is now completely sold out.

Click here to register before the deadline

Don’t miss your chance to claim the free upgrade to Expert Access

I wanted to give you a quick reminder that this time round we’re offering a free upgrade to the Expert Access level when you order the Professional level.

This gives you a free 12 month subscription to the Agile Mentors Community. So what can you expect from that?

A members-only discussion area dedicated to agile topics

We know current members enjoy being able to share challenges and successes with like-minded professionals from around the world. You can find support, advice, and new ideas to consider and implement so that you’re not alone on your agile journey.

Exclusive access to the Weekly Tips archive

Currently you can only get my weekly tips if you subscribe to the newsletter. But even if you joined today you wouldn’t get the full back catalogue of more than 120 succinct agile tips. For the first time, we’re going to be making the full archive available to all members of the Agile Mentors Community.

Monthly Q&A calls with Mike and other leading agile experts

Each month you can submit a question to get feedback specific to your situation. Perfect if you’re facing a problem and need some help to get unstuck.

Access to the library of 12 previous Q&A calls

Previous Q&A calls have covered topics such as implementing agile in a waterfall environment, coaching the product owner to get him or her on board, using case studies with user stories, interfacing with non-agile teams and much more.

Calls are not only recorded but you also get access to the transcript with a table of contents so you can easily browse the calls and find useful answers.

You get access to all of this, plus the course content when you order before the 21st March at midnight Eastern (US)

Click here to read about the course and claim your free upgrade

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