Better User Stories: 24 Hours Until Doors Close

Just a quick post this week to let you know that we will be closing registration to Better User Stories tomorrow at 9 P.M. Pacific, midnight Eastern.

We still have spaces for the Expert and Professional Levels, but Work With Mike is now completely sold out.

Click here to register before the deadline

Just a quick reminder of what people are saying about the course:

I could squeeze videos in between meeting packed days

“I loved the acronyms used to test story quality and that the modules were broken up into small enough segments that I could squeeze videos in between meeting packed days… I really enjoyed the worksheets that forced me to use my own backlog as practice to cement the concepts in my brain. It’s way too easy to go through an online course and not really retain information that is useful later but that’s what made it real for me.” – Sarah Fraser

Immediately able to apply what I learned

“I’ve used user stories for many years. I wasn’t sure if this course was really going to teach me something new… I thought if anyone is going to be able to teach me more about user stories it will be Mike Cohn… The Q&A calls with the training were great. I think this is a big differentiator to other online trainings I’ve done. I was immediately able to apply what I learned in this course to support teams get their backlog set up as they begin delivering using the scrum framework. – Amber Burke

If you’re on the fence, jump in…

“It has already influenced and changed how I deliver story writing workshops. There is a lot of valuable information. It is split up into logical and digestible segments. For anyone willing to put in the time that needs to understand how to write better stories; you will find value here. If you’re on the fence, jump in…you won’t regret it.” – Max Lamers

You still have (some) time to access the free mini-course

When we close registration to the full Better User Stories course, we will also be taking down the free video training. If you’ve not yet seen those, you still have time to register and watch them before tomorrow’s deadline.

Click here to access the free mini-course

I don’t know when we’ll be opening doors again to the full, advanced course, so if you and your team want to sharpen your user stories skills, this is a great time to join.

Any last minute questions about the course? Let me know in the comments below.

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