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Tuxera FAT+ File System for Embedded Systems is Compatible with FAT32, Faster, and Supports Files up to 16TB

Tuxera has introduced FAT+, a new file system for removable storage on embedded systems that’s compatible with FAT32 but without the limitations such as the 4GB file size limit, and brings fail-safety and performance optimization. FAT+ is allegedly one of the recommended file systems by the Universal Flash Storage Association (UFSA) for the next-generation Universal […]

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Why the Whole Team Should Participate When Estimating

A well-established best practice is that those who will do the work, should estimate the work, rather than having an entirely separate group estimate the work. But when an agile team estimates product backlog items, the team doesn’t yet know who will work on each item. Teams will usually make that determination either during iteration […]

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Six Books for Your Summer Reading List

Most weeks I try to read at least one nonfiction book. It can be hard some weeks because of travel, work, family, or any other reasons. One of the many nice things about summer is that I usually get a bit more reading time. I’d like share with you six books I’ve either read recently […]

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