Archive | March, 2011

In Defense of Making Hard Changes

I’ve read a number of articles lately that make the claim that Kanban is better than Scrum because it doesn’t require a great deal of organizational change. I first came across this argument in some of David Anderson’s writings, including his: Kanban: Successful Evolutionary Change For Your Technology Business. The idea is that you simply […]

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Pushing the envelope on OO and functional with Scala

There has been quite a few inflamatory discussions in the twitterverse and the blogosphere recently regarding some of the ultra-functional voices dominating the Scala ecosystem. It’s true that Scala is an object functional language. And it’s also true that you can stretch Scala in both ways to get enough mileage out of it. Talking about […]

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Timebox: Perfect, Good, and Done.

I’m a big fan of timeboxing.  Setting a deadline, and committing to meeting it with something in hand, is a very powerful tool. I’ve always enjoyed writing songs, but trying to get any sort of coherent effort together and in a “releasable” state has always been a problem.  There’s always one more rough edge to […]

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