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Detect Lightning with Those AMS AS3935 “Thunder” Boards

Launched in 2012, AMS AS3935 Franklin lightning sensor  is – at its name implies – a lightning sensing IC. The chip was designed for low power, portable or fixed wire-line applications, and beside detecting electrical emissions from lightning activity, it can also provide an estimation of the distance to the head of the storm from […]

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VoltaStream AMP1 Linux Audio Board Includes a Stereo Audio Amplifier, Adds WiFi and Bluetooth

Last summer I wrote about VoltaStream ZERO an audio board powered by NXP i.MX6ULL processor, with up to 1GB RAM, a Texas Instruments DAC, and leveraging Raspberry Pi Zero form factor. The board runs a custom Linux distribution called PolyOS built with the Yocto Project, and including shairport-sync, librespot, SqueezeLite, a DLNA renderer, and more. […]

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Five Lessons I’m Thankful I Learned in my Agile Career

Since it’s Thanksgiving week here in the United States, I took some time out of my schedule to reflect on some lessons I’m very thankful to have learned through my career. While these lessons are not unique to Scrum or even agile, each has been a big part of my success with agile. For each […]

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The Four Reasons to Have a Consistent Sprint Length

An agile team should maintain a consistent sprint length. Unfortunately, when I first began doing iterative and incremental development (even a bit before doing what today we’d call agile development), I made the mistake of not having all of our sprints be the same length. We would meet at the start of a sprint to […]

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Five Scary Things About Adopting Agile

I’ve never been a huge fan of horror movies. But I have always liked Halloween, especially as a kid. I loved dressing in a scary costume and trying to frighten my friends or other trick-or-treaters. And I admit to getting a bit of a thrill from walking through a well executed haunted house. But, there […]

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Comment on [Talk] Agile Transformations Explained – Mike Cottmeyer Live @ Agile DC by Melissa San Nicolas

October 16, 2017WRITTEN BY Mike Cottmeyer Leading a large-scale agile transformation isn’t about adopting a new set of attitudes, processes, and behaviors at the team level… it’s about helping your company deliver faster to market, and developing the ability to respond to a rapidly-changing competitive landscape. First and foremost, it’s about achieving business agility. Business […]

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