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Android Wear Becomes “Wear OS by Google”

Android Wear is an operating systems for wearables based on Android, but it may be confusing to (some) consumers, since an Android Wear watch may pair with an iPhone and an Android phone is not requires. Google actually reports one third of Android Wear watch users also own an iPhone, so the company has now […]

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How to Run Linux on RISC-V with QEMU Emulator

ucbvax login: root Password:     ____                   ____                     __    _                    / __ )__  _________  __/ __ )___  ____ ______   / /   (_)___  __  ___  __   / __  / / / / ___/ / / / __  / _ / __ `/ ___/  / /   / / __ / / / / |/_/ / /_/ / /_/ (__  ) /_/ / /_/ /  __/ /_/ / /     / /___/ […]

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ACRN is an Open Source Hypervisor Built for IoT Device Development

ACRN – pronounced “acorn” – is an open source reference hypervisor with a small footprint, real-time capabilities, adaptability with support for Linux, Android, and RTOS guest operating systems, built for safety critical code in mind, and specifically designed for IoT and embedded devices. The project is managed / supported by the Linux Foundation. Click to Enlarge […]

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Video Training: A Simple System for Adding Detail to User Stories

Over 100 User Story Examples! When I asked readers to list their biggest challenges with user stories, I received hundreds and hundreds of questions and problems just on the subject of adding detail. Questions like: How do we add the right amount of detail to user stories to give the development team enough information without […]

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Video Training: How to Split User Stories

Over 100 User Story Examples! User stories are perfect for breaking large and complex projects into incremental steps. However, finding the best way to split stories so that they fit into a single iteration is a problem that plagues many agile teams. If you don’t split stories correctly, it throws off your velocity and estimates, […]

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