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Geek Reading October 8, 2015

Google and Amazon have been announcing a bundle of fun. Amazon announced QuickSight, Kinesis Firehose, Inspector and EC2 Dedicated Hosts. Rackspace also announced that they are an AWS Managed Services partner. Not to be outdone, Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages, custom email, apps and more for Google Domains, cloud native MySQL sharding with Vitess and […]

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Geek Reading October 7, 2015

The Geekess leads the day again, but this time it is a very positive post about what makes a good community. More than anything, I think the post was only written because of the much larger number of positive comments on her last post. On Rants on Machine Learning, they show us what to do […]

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Handling Work Left at the End of a Sprint

It’s quite common for a team to have a bit of unfinished work at the end of an agile sprint or iteration. Ideally, a team would finish every item on its sprint backlog every sprint. But, for a variety of reasons, that isn’t always the case. This leads to a couple of questions I’ll address […]

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Geek Reading October 6, 2015

We start today with a sad tale, which is really a commentary on the industry as well. At The Geekess, she relates her story about why she is leaving the Linux kernel developer community. Granted, that community is small compared to the industry, but I do think that it is all too common. Hopefully, the […]

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