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Connect an Android Smartphone or Tablet to a Monitor, USB Keyboard and Mouse Easily with a DisplayLink Docking Station

Following my post featuring Zenfone 2 Deluxe Special Edition smartphone with 256GB internal storage and 4GB RAM, I had an interesting discussion about mobile and desktop convergence, and we had different views on how this may pan out and what the consumers want, but we all basically agreed this was still work in progress. Another […]

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Geek Reading August 28, 2015

Two completely unrelated stories lead our day. First, TechCrunch reports on the new keyboard that LG made for mobile devices. That doesn’t sound interesting until you hear that it rolls up into a stick. If it is as good as it looks, I will be getting one. The Washington Post talks about the trading anomalies […]

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The First Intel Core M Skylake-Y Low Power Processors: Core M3 6Y30, M5 6Y54, M5 6Y57 and M5 6Y75

Last year, Intel unveiled Core M Broadwell-Y processors with 4.5W TDP aimed at laptops and tablets, and offering a middle ground between the performance achieved by Atom/Celeron/Pentium processor and the more powerful Core i3/i5/i7 processors. CPU World has now released details about the new Skylake-Y Core M processor that still feature 2 cores and 4 […]

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Tronsmart Orion R68 Meta mini PC Unboxing and Teardown

I’ve already reviewed one Rockchip RK3368 mini PC with Beelink i68, and found out that although HDMI 2.0 up to 2160p60 was working, there was still some work to do to have 4K 60 fps videos playing smoothly, and compared to Rockchip RK3288 device performance was – as expected – significantly lower. But I now […]

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Geek Reading August 27, 2015

We do not start today with great news. The NY Times reports on the sudden death of Joseph Traub, a professor I once had in college. He was basically a legend in the academic world, and it is a shame to see him go. In other news, Google Cloud Platform announced the general availability of […]

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Geek Reading August 26, 2015

Leading off today, we have MIT News reporting on crash-tolerant data storage. This could be an interesting development, but we have to see if it takes hold in industry. Google Cloud Platform announces the availability of user defined functions (UDFs) in Google BigQuery. My understanding is that this missing piece was a major complaint about […]

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