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Imagination Announces PowerVR Series2NX Neural Network Accelerator (NNA), and PowerVR Series9XE and 9XM GPUs

Imagination Technologies has just made two announcements: one for their PowerVR Series2NX neural network accelerator, and the other for the new high-end GPU families: PowerVR Series9XE and 9XM. PowerVR Series2NX neural network accelerator Click to Enlarge The companies claims 2NX can deliver twice the performance and half the bandwidth of nearest competitor, and it’s the […]

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Comment on Acceptance Criteria by Vijayanand

Did We Build the Right Product? And, Did We Build the Product Right? Acceptance criteria are important.  Unfortunately, we often overlook or undervalue it as an aspect of the iterative planning process. It is super important because projects succeed or fail based on the ability of the team to meet their customers documented and perceived acceptance […]

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The Two Ways to Add Detail to User Stories

If you’re interested in adding detail to user stories, you’ll want to sign up for the series of four free videos I’ll release starting September 26. These videos will cover important topics related to user stories, such as story-writing workshops, story mapping, the five techniques you need to split any story, and getting the right […]

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Comment on Operationalizing Strategy with a Systems Perspective by Peter Roth

While there are many books and much research on organizational development, this system view combined with some validated learning over time is a powerful way to look at organizational challenges as a coach/consultant. Let’s take a closer look to define these areas then apply some validated learning from my own experience. Business Outcomes – the outcomes […]

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New Book Almost Ready

09/14/2017 After some delays, I’m happy to announce my new book is in the final stages of physical proofs and uploads. Should be available for sale within the next week or two. In the meantime, you can read a sample and sign up for the mailing list (low volume, no spam) over at conglommora.com. Enjoy! […]

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