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Geek Reading May 2, 2016 #1096

Some security related items start our week. As reported by detectify, some Slack bots are leaking their tokens. Sometimes simple ways to integrate into applications allow developers to get a little lazy. Google Cloud Platform announced some new ISO security and privacy certifications. This is more important for larger enterprises that care about that type […]

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Geek Reading April 29, 2016 #1095

Today we start with an excellent post from Rex Software about 3 women who radically changed the course of technology. It is a nice profile of a few of the women that formed the core of computer science that we have today. On the Android Developers Blog, they tell us how to develop for direct […]

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Geek Reading April 28, 2016 #1094

Leading our day is a post on Both Sides of the Table, where they explain how misunderstanding startup metrics can cost you your business. Google’s Big Data blog gives us an introduction to Capacitor, the new BigQuery columnar storage format. High Scalability has an excellent post on the “platform advantage” and its relation to Google, […]

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Geek Reading April 27, 2016 #1093

Today we focus on the job again as there are some excellent posts to read. First, on DaedTech, they plead for us to stop “geeking out”. I wholeheartedly agree with the ideas. Basically, you can “geek out” but don’t make that the goal. You still need to help people and build the appropriate things. Ben […]

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Geek Reading April 26, 2016 #1092

Today we have some very good AI/ML posts. First, Pete Warden tells us how to break into machine learning. It is some very practical advice on how to get started. Machine Learning Mastery, my new favorite ML blog, talks about boosting and AdaBoost. David Lettier shows us how to develop K-Means from scratch. Lastly, on […]

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